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Fundamentals: Catching

Lacrosse is named the "fastest game on two feet" and as much as you may think its because of all the running it's really about the movement of the ball. Fast and accurate catching and throwing is vital to great lacrosse. Catching the ball can be more difficult and more important than throwing the ball. When you miss a catch you create a ground ball and unforced turnover. Catching is more than just getting the ball in the head of your stick. Duke Head Coach, John Danowski, calls this "exchanging" the posession of the ball. It is about receiving, protecting, and getting into the triple-threat (throw, dodge, shoot).


Tips & Techniques to Catching:

  • Catching is mostly done in motion. When playing catch have him run to and way from the ball while catching
  • Always catch standing with one foot back (shoulders shouldn’t face thrower)
  • Keep soft hands (like catching an egg, some college teams practice this by playing with a tennis ball)
  • See the ball into the pocket (slow things down and watch the ball go into pocket)
  • 1st step after catching the ball is to protect your stick so build a habit of bringing the stick back and pocket behind your head
  • Learn to catch with both hands! Very important to be able to catch with both hands. In offense the ball moves around the perimeter in a circle and the player needs to be able to catch coming from either direction

Watch Video Tutorials: